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  • Dell PowerEdge R720

    (2) Xeon 6-Core 2.50 Ghz (ES-2640)
    16GB RAM
    (2) 750W PSU
    PERC H710 Mini…

    Call for price Part#:
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  • Dell PowerEdge R810

    (2) Xeon hex-core 2.00GHz (E7540) processors 64GB RAM (6) 300GB SAS hard drives (2) 1100W power supply units Perc6i Rails included

    $1,200.00 Part#: R810
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  • Dell PowerEdge T110

    i3 3.07GHz (540) 16GB RAM 2 x 1tb SATA DVD/RW Onboard RAID 305W PSU

    $295.00 Part#: PowerEdge T110
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  • Dell PowerEdge T310

    Xeon Quad-Core 2.40GHz (X3430) 16GB RAM 4 x 1tb SAS DVD-ROM Perc H700, Perc H200 2 x 400W PSU No DRAC LTO3 SAS Tape Drive

    $695.00 Part#: T310
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  • Dell PowerEdge T420

    Tower server (2) Xeon quad-core 2.2Ghz (E5-2407) processors 96GB RAM (3) 2TB 3.5" SAS 7200RPM hard drives (2) 750W power supply units H710 RAID Windows Server 2008 installed

    $2,400.00 Part#: PowerEdge T420
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  • Dell PowerEdge T630

    Tower server Intel Xeon 8-core 2.1GHz (E5-2620V4) processor 64GB RAM (8) 600GB Dell Savvio 10K.6 hard drives (SAS 6Gb/s) (12) 2.5-inch hard drive bays iDRAC8 Enterprise Perc H730 (2) 750W power supply units 5U height (2) power cables and face plate included Sold in original Dell packaging

    $4,950.00 Part#: 31M12
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  • EMC Centera SN4 Server

    Xeon Dual Core 1.66GHz (T2300) 1GB RAM (4) x 1TB hard drives (2) x 750W PSU

    $550.00 Part#: 100-508-573
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  • HP ProLiant DL360 G9

    Xeon hex-core 2.40GHz (E5-2620 v3) processor 192GB RAM (12 x 16GB-2RX4-PC4-2133P) (6) 1TB 2.5" SAS hard drives (Seagate ST91000640SS) (2) 500W power supply units HP H240ar smart host bus adaptor with 256MB cache HP 8GB MicroSD card (726118-001) Quad-port 1GB Ethernet card Rails included

    $3,995.00 Part#: DL360 G9
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  • HP ProLiant DL360P G8


    $795.00 Part#: DL360P_G8
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  • Sale!

    HP ProLiant DL360P G8

    2 Xeon 6-core 2.0GHz (E5-2620) processors 128GB RAM (4) 3TB SAS hard drives (2) 460W power supply units P420i controller (1GB cache) (4) 1GB NIC ports

    $995.00 Part#: ProLiant DL360P G8 d
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  • HP ProLiant DL360P G8


    $950.00 Part#: DL360P_G8_6TB
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  • HP Proliant DL370 G6

    (2) Xeon Quad Core 2.27GHz (L5520) processors 72GB RAM (24) 300GB hard drive (2.5" 10K SAS) hard drives iLo2 P410i (1GB cache) DVD/RW (2) 750W power supply units 4U rackmount

    $995.00 Part#: 483874-B21
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