Heatsinks, Fans, & Power Supplies

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  • Ablecom PWS-702A-1R

    Switching power supply 700W

    $65.00 Part#: PWS-702A-1R
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  • AMD CMHK8-7J52A-A1-GP

    CPU heatsink and fan

    $25.00 Part#: CMHK8-7J52A-A1-GP
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  • Artesyn IBM xSeries Power Supply

    xSeries x3650 835W Power Supply

    $20.00 Part#: 24R2730
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  • Avaya RPS15 PSU (EUED)

    600W 48V Redundant Power Supply AA0005A19

    $60.00 Part#: MP6-3W-00, 73-610-073
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  • Cisco Catalyst 6500 Power Supply

    Server power supply unit 3000W Compatible with Catalyst 6500 series servers

    $60.00 Part#: WS-CAC-3000W
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  • Cisco Nexus Fan System

    Fan system for Cisco Nexus 9300, 3164Q

    $150.00 Part#: N9K-C9300-FAN3
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  • Cisco UCS C240 M3 Power Supply

    650W power supply for UCS C220 M3 server

    $50.00 Part#: 341-0490-01
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  • Cooler Master GX Bronze 750W

    750W power supply unit ATX12V v2.3 and EPS version 2.91 compliant (1) Power 24-pin ATX connector with detachable 4-pin section (4) 8-pin PCI Express power connector with detachable 2-pin section (1) power 8-pin +12V connector with detachable 4-pin section (3) 4-pin internal power connector (1) 4-pin mini-power connector (9) 15-pin Serial ATA power connector

    $55.00 Part#: RS-750-ACAA-D3
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  • Corsair RM 1000X RPS001B

    Modular power supply unit 1000W

    $95.00 Part#: CP-9020094 / 75-010888
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  • Dell A500E-S0

    500W server power supply Compatible with PowerEdge R410

    $35.00 Part#: 60FPK
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  • Dell A570P-00 Power Supply

    570W server power supply For use with PowerEdge R710

    $30.00 Part#: G0KD5
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  • Dell D750E-S1

    Redundant hot-swappable power supply unit 750W For PowerEdge R520, R620, R720, R720XD, R820, T320, T420, T620

    $90.00 Part#: 5NF18
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