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  • Symbol Battery Adapter Pod

    Battery Adapter Pod for Symbol UBC2000

    $25.00 Part#: 21-32665-04
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  • Symbol Cable Adapter Module

    Cable Adapter Module for Motorolla MC9000

    $25.00 Part#: ADP9000-100R
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  • Symbol Cable Assembly

    Cable Assembly for Motorolla ADP9000-100R

    $30.00 Part#: 25-62170-01
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  • Symbol Cyclone

    Handheld RJ45 Barcode Scanner

    $35.00 Part#: M2004-I413
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  • Symbol LS3408-ER Extended Range

    Handheld rugged barcode scanner Extended range USB cable included

    $190.00 Part#: LS3408-ER20005R
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  • Symbol LS3578

    Handheld barcode scanner Bluetooth / wireless Battery included in sale

    $570.00 Part#: LS3578-FZ20005WR
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  • Symbol LS6005-I000

    USB Barcode Scanner

    $25.00 Part#: LS6005-I000
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  • Symbol LS9208

    Omnidirectional tabletop barcode scanner USB connection Cradle included in sale

    $60.00 Part#: LS9208-SR11007NSWR
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  • Symbol MC3090-G Mobile Computer

    Mobile computer / data collection terminal with pistol grip Keypad and touchscreen 802.11a/b/g wireless protocol 320 x 320 resolution No battery

    $130.00 Part#: MC3090-GU0PPAG00WR
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  • Symbol Motorola Barcode Scanner With USB Cable

    $65.00 Part#: LS4208-SR20007ZZ
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  • Symbol Motorola STB3578 Cradle

    Cradle for Symbol LS3578-FZ20005WR handheld barcode scanner

    $30.00 Part#: STB3578-C0007WR
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  • Symbol P470

    Handheld industrial barcode scanner Wireless or USB interface Seventeen-button keyboard Two-line display (20 characters) Visible laser diode

    $40.00 Part#: H9PP470
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